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  We are Trade-Workers Offering Free Job Estimates & Research.
  We Offer Free Worker Referral Services for Your; Business, Facility, Home or Rental.
  We Provide Information Resources from Trade Contractors over 25+ Years.
 *We have dozens of other services available - Just ask Us.
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If Workers are needed for whatever reason, YOU could begin with us.
If Services are needed for your Home or Business, YOU should contact us.
If You are a Trades Person with Business Needs, we want to meet YOU.
We want to display and recommend YOUR BUSINESS via our inquiry support correspondence.
We offer "Internet Show-Casing" for YOUR MESSAGE. We are Writers for Hire.
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Our Community Media Websites are Growing and we're making efforts to acquire more Authors - Just Like You.

We inter-link with other local media sites to display Jersey Shore Businesses.  We use Your information for benefiting the residents and businesses nearby.

We're dedicated to helpful online postings, interesting photos and varying points of view.   We welcome everyone for posting General Questions, Public Statements, Ideas on Environmental Issues and Sea Science.  Try it!  Share Good News, Good Food, Good Faith, Good Folks or anything having an Impact on Our Jersey Shore.

We'll post links and logos to your business website, and share the advantages of our forum inquiries.  We love to post information on Safety, Public Functions, Team Awards, Local Awareness and Posts about Trade Contractors.   We are always seeking new visitors to express new or differing ideas, opinions, and concerns via our open dialogue.

Send us your Comments, Opinions and Concerns. We Offer An Open Door for Your Special Cause and things we all care about. Your photos and messages posted without costs. Just Contact Us.


Here's a little More About Us:
We are Trade Contractors over 25+ Years; Electricians, Installers & Constructors. We offer Specific Topic Marketing for Trade Contractors.  We Offer Consultant Support Services for Property Issues.  We Offer Working Opportunities:   Work Wanted.   Help Wanted.   Part-Time.   Full Time.   Employee List.   Helper List for Odd Jobs.   Temp Labor.   White Collar & Blue Collar.   Summer Jobs.   Earning Opportunities for Young & Old.
We Post Helpful Information - Especially From You
Our Unique Social Media Generates New Viewers.
We're just getting started and we are No Charge.
We Link our webpages to your website.
We Support Inquires with your information.
Worker Referrals with Benefits Going Both Ways.
We are New Jersey Residents with Shore Knowledge.
We're an Internet Network for Over 25 Years
AND - We're Ready to Work for You.

More About Our Menu:
Free Help Wanted Postings.   Seasonal Workers,   Part-Time & Full Time.   Helpers & Trades for Real Estate Staging Prep work.   Helpers and Laborers for Parties & Special Events.   Workers for Handyman Services.   Workers Crews for Clean Up, Clean Out & Haul-Away.   Working Trades for Property Improvement.   Ask About our Home Watch Services



Our History:

Early Beginnings: 1972 to 1977:  Eligible to acquire an electrical license at 23 years old. Then started my new business; "A. Tori Electrical Services". In 1983 a new partnership and new name "Able Electric" which kept us at the top column of the "Yellow Pages".  When the Internet became popular I chose to establish; "The Able Group Inc". The new name & entity was granted on 6/19/1997 and meant to include general maintenance services which eventually led to full blown construction work.

Growing with the Internet:  Electrical Mechanic Associate & Friend- Francis Ward became self-taught and talented in knowing how to work-the-web for the new company name. The Internet was in it's infancy, "dial-up" through a standard phone line was the only method to connect-in. This was the new Dot-Com Age and the online in-rush of every business became a race to dominate the top spots on the newly developed search engines. Writing skills were needful for creating informative and detailed web-pages.

The job leads grew by saturating the web with as many pages as possible with relevant subject matter. Eventually our efforts began producing dozens of responses each day. Years later when the Internet went high-speed, the rules changed to defeat saturation by repetition. This and other set backs led to new strategies in "diversity" which allowed us back in.

With more writings of fresh material on a wide variety of property topics we regained the first page of Google again. Internet saturation under the new rules required totally unique writings, new inter-linking websites and Google Ads added for relevance. Being first to grab new "dot-coms" and posting our diverse line of property trade topics kept our ranking high while writing 1000+ new pages. Our well written pages and new websites; workersatyourservice.com,   phillyfacility.com,   infoaroundphilly.com,   actioninformation.com, contractorssolutions.com,   delawarevalleytoyou.com  and  youandusmagazine.com  were empowered by honest value to viewers.

Our new websites gave Able Group Inc the highest ranking Internet name above any other tri-state area contractor. The Power of the Internet - Business Expansion: By the mid 2000's we could not up keep up with phone calls and job estimates. Our new problem was converting an income from the time invested into new sales.

As tradesmen, our only income was made by working with our tools so a new Internet business was created; Contractors Solutions Inc. The idea was to use our Internet expertise for bringing in job leads to a 100+ local contractors, and they would pay a monthly fee. We were among the first to create an Internet contractor referral service and a new office was built for this new idea.

The new plan also included my three children (still in high school at the time) for doing the necessary research, posting new photos, acquiring cost information and writings of all sorts. By then we knew what drove the Internet in our direction; "INFORMATION". Our many informative pages on "specific topics" is what kept our golden position with Google and dozens of email responses generated new sales. However our contractor referral business was never successful. It was out-done by bigger companies with nationwide investors having more spending power to market the same idea. Contractors Solutions had to be put aside, but our "trade-work diversity" acquired during these years provided a duel benefit in both name and rising to the challenge of special skills know-how. Our growth in sales is due to employees willing to be trained to serve commercial & industrial facilities with anything needed. Our wide range of diversity gave The Able Group Inc. an advantage over the common single service contractor. Steady Business Customers - Value goes both ways: In recent years our websites have become outdated and ineffective. Our success of the past helped us acquire the steady business customers needing a wide spectrum of "facility services". To Date, we've been beneficial to the operating needs of 100's of commercial & industrial facilities in PA, NJ & Del. Our Success has been computer research for getting; costs, options and alternatives for every property related request. We've become experts in seeking deals online for equipment parts, electronic components, safety compliance items & factory specs to give our customers the best decision making information. We've been leaders in equipment recycling & fabrications for economical solutions to obsolete items. This is the "information age" where society rewards those that keep the pace. And we're driven each day to know what it takes to keep that pace in providing whatever our steady customers need.

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