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Business Account Details:
Business Account Packages offered by
Jersey Shore Workers LLC.

  We are Trade-Workers Offering Free Job Estimates & Research.
  Worker Referrals for Your; Business, Facility, Home or Rental.
  Property Information Resources from Trade Contractors, 25+ Years.

Business Owners Account:

Advertising is FREE for Qualifying Businesses:
Your photos and messages posted on our pages - Included.
Worker Referral Services are FREE for Qualifying Property Owners:
Includes: Assistance to all inquires for Help Wanted.
AND, Assistance for Summer Help .
Trouble Free Property Services:  Maintenance, Improvements, Upgrades:
Includes: Access to our Network of Contractors Trades -AND-.
Facility Response and Support to keep your business running.
Off-Season Packages Available:
Assistance for Home & Business Watch.  Property Guardian Visits to Your Property.

Lines 1. thru 4.   $350.00 per year.
Qualifying Business Owners Only.   Must be confirmed by email.

  Trade Contractors Account:

Our Business Account for Local Trade Contractors.
A.Internet Marketing for Specific Property Topics:
SEO for Your Trade Specialties (great results over 25 years)..
B.Trade-Hands Workforce:
Access to Temporary Workers familiar with Construction Trades.
C. Contractors' Network Support:
Assistance for: Permits, Inspections, Engineering, Zoning, Hard to find Parts and Services.
D. Jobsite Solutions:
Assistance from our Network, problem solving efforts to help you out of a jam.
E. Contractors' Equipment Share:
Assistance from our Network; for ladders, tools, trucks, man power, wholesale supplies.
F. Contractors' Sales Support:
Assistance with writing Proposals, Invoices, Job Add-Ons, Consultant for Bigger Jobs, Joint Venture Partners. Assistance from our Network on: Pricing of materials, fixtures, equipment and labor calculated by trade professionals within our network. Business to Business Connections with Real Estate Investors. Property Owners, Facility Managers and Trade Contractors.

Standard Trade Contractors Account, LINES A. thru F:  $450.00 per year.
Network Contractors eager to serve You - Contractor Trade arrangements and support.
Year-Round Info - Property information for every topic.
Facility Managers Account: LINES A. thru F:  $1,100.00 per year.
Specialized Research with detailed information for your particular facility.
Facility Rescue Up & Running Services, Access to trades familiar with your particular needs.
Handy-Persons & Side Jobbers Account - $250.00 per year.
Fix-It Inquiries sent directly to you.
Year-Round Support for Bigger Jobs.

Business -to- Business Account:  Terms & Costs to be Determined. Web Page, Website, Internet Advertising: Customized Websites and Web Pages. Online Estimating: Providing a Price Menu with options and alternatives. Property Information for every topic from our Contractors Network. Deeper Research:  Online Information Station for Property Trades and Suppliers. Improvement Solutions - Information and problem solving efforts from our contractors network. Our Email Circle - info on jobs, equipment, photos, subs & help wanted.
Urgent Contractor Trade Service - Emergency service package for quick up and running essentials for your customers.
Referral Service - Referring your name and number to the incoming callers here at Jersey Shore Workers LLC.

NOTE:  All Costs and Arrangements Must be Confirmed by Email