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Residential Improvements, Repairs, Replacements, Handy Services:
Shelving, Cabinets, Painting, Patching, Hardware, Lighting repairs & replacement parts.  Reconditioning for household items, appliances & lamps. Recycle home furnishings. Railings, cementing, gluing, welding, spray painting, mending and fabrications. Installations for ceiling fan, light fixtures, adding receptacles and/or wall switches, Cat 6 data outlets, bathroom fan, attic fan, cable TV, smoke detectors, cover plates, flickering lights, GFI receptacle.
  Residential Improvements, Repairs, Replacements and Reconditioning.


Exterior & Landscape Improvements, Pavers and Hardscape, Siding, Azek
Paver and Hardscape Installations for Every Property.  Installations for window unit Air Conditioners, Porch Columns, Landscape mulch, stone beds, LED lights, exterior painting, repairs for mail box, dryer vent, bathroom fan vent, grill pad, concrete patio, hardscape patio, gazebo, exterior carpentry, deck boards replaced, deck railings, driveway sealer, exterior sealants and foundation coatings. Outdoor living spaces
  Exterior Maintenance and Improvements - Decks, Patios, Outdoor Living.


Built-In Custom Carpentry.  Design, Sketch, Install.
Custom woodwork, closet, buck-beds, cabinets, space saving shelving, attic shelving, garage shelving, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, countertops, counters, bar, columns, baseboards, casement trim work, threshold, doors, hinges, wall displays, work from home office - desk and drawlers, Bedroom Remodeling.
  Built-In Carpentry, Crown Moldings, Bedroom Make-Over.


Commercial and Industrial Equipment Installations.  Machines Relocated.
Equipment Relocation Services, Movers of Commercial and industrial equipment. Rigging and hauling of heavy machines. Electrical disconnections, Customized Foundations and Site Prep. Careful Delivery - Trucking and shipping, disassembly and re-assembly. Relocations for: factory machinery, commercial Signage, Lighting Poles, Utility Poles, Transformers, Three-Phase. Conveyor Systems, Automated Systems and Controls, Safety Compliance Modifications, repairs, welding, for - Motors & Controls.  Construction prep work for clearance and reinstallation.
  Equipment Relocations, Rigging and Hauling, Construction necessary for Moving.
  Electrical Equipment Installations, Rigging and hauling for machines and appliances - Commercial and Industrial.


Installers for Equipment & Appliances.  Home or Business - HVAC, Plumbing, Heat Trace
Thru-Wall Air Conditioner, Kitchen Appliances, oven, dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer, garage door opener, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, sink, vanity, HVAC system. hood, rooftop ventilation equipment, water heater, gas or electric tankless water heater, etc.  Restroom dividers & privacy stalls.  Electric Heat Trace & Electric Snow Melt Systems. Sump-Pumps. Ice and Snow Are Gone without waiting for the Plowing Service, Piled Snow Mounds, Snow Plow Damages, Salting, Slippery Spots, Snow Shoveling, etc. Snow Melting before the accumulation begins!
  Mechanical Contractor Services, HVAC, Plumbing, Rooftop Equipment, Sheet Metal, Welding and Fabrications.
  Electric Driveway and Walkway Heaters, Snow Melting for Sidewalks.


Exhaust Fans, Ventilators, Fresh Air HVAC, Bath Fans.
Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Equipment, Restaurant and Rooftop Ventilation, new and used equipment, Make up air fans. Exhaust Fan Equipment and Services. Installers of Motorized Air Moving for Every Purpose; Mechanical Services & installations for the industrial work place. Mechanical Service for Exhaust Systems, Fume Hoods, Restaurant Ventilation, Big Ass Fans and ALL AIR MOVING EQUIPMENT. New, used, reconditioned, modified for custom fit, HVAC systems and industrial ventilators.
  Exhaust Fans and Ventilators for Fresh Air.


Re-Conditioning and Renewal.
Let Us Fix it! Home Furnishings, Antiques, Wall Displays, Valuable Items, Collectables, Lamps, Signs, Damage Repairs, Maintenance, Reconditioning, Discontinued Parts, Cabinet Hardware Replacements, Re-Coatings. Alternatives, Repairs and Reconditioning for Non-Replaceable Items, Parts, Equipment or Historical Heirloom. Blacksmith services, ironsmith, tinsmith, equipment repairs, fabricated plastics, copper and aluminum. Repair-all welding, spray painting, plexi-glass, electrical motors, grinding work. lamps, etc. Rebuild it, Services for anything valuable.
  Repairs and Reconditioning for Non-Replaceable Items, Parts, Equipment, Collectables or Historical Heirloom.


Auto EV Chargers.   Parking Lot Equipment & Services
Electric for Car Chargers, Auto Charge Point Certified Installations & Power Outlet. Auto EV Charging Stations, Commercial Charge point for Smart EV charging systems. Quick Electric Vehicle Chargers for the Auto Industry. Auto Mechanic Workplace: Smart EV Charger Power Supply for Body Shop, Spray Booth and Diagnostic Equipment.  Motorized Security Gates, Barrier Arm, Gate Operator and Entry Keypad, Traffic Signals.
  Electric for Car Chargers, Auto Charge Point Certified Installations, Smart EV.
  Barrier Arm Lift Gate, Parking Lot Barrier Arm, Auto-secure card reader for drive in entrance or Parking Lot Attendant.


Workers to Assemble and Install.  Parts & Services for Gates, Doors, Openers
New furnishings, beds, benches, tables, chairs and shelving units assembled and installed. We install air conditioning units. Furnish and install dual purpose supplemental heat, energy efficient heat pump, HVAC makeover, split systems, ductless systems, ductwork, window unit air conditioners, through the wall AC, thru-wall weather proofing, apartment units..
  Installers for Thru-Wall Air Conditioners.
  Installers for Door openers, Handicap Access Opener for ADA Compliance.


Facility Safety:   Lightning Strike Protection, Security Gates, Surveillance, Compliance.
Prevention hardware for flash of electricity, bolt of lightning, thunderbolt, lightning flash, lightning strike, sheet lightning.  Electrical discharge protection, flash. Lighting Protection, professional design for rooftop protection, clamps, bonding crimps, grounding copper kits, copper straps. System design compliance, electrical safety, lightning and surge protection. Air Terminals, mounting equipment and cables in copper and aluminum. Facility safety compliance. Disability Access Handicap Door Openers: automatic handicap door openers and door activation switches. Handicap Restroom Door Openers for ADA Compliance.
  Lighting Protection, Experts in Storm Damage Prevention, Special Equipment.
  Electric Gate Openers, Security Gates. Motorized Gate Closers, Card Readers, Metal Detectors.



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