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Our Topics Column.
Above Ground Pool
Above Gr. Pool Deck
ADA Compliance
Aerial Cable
A/C Central Sys
A/C Window Unit
A/C Heat Pump
Air Diffuser
Air Moving Units
Apartment Utilities
Apartment Renewal
Attic Fan
Auto EV Charging
Auditorium Lights
Backflow Preventer
Barrier Arm Gate
Ball Field Lights
Baseboard Heater
Bathroom Upgrades
Bathroom Fan
Bath Tub
Big Beam Framing
Birds in Vents
Boiler System
Bottle Fill Unit
Broom Closet
Building Work
Built-in Closet
Built-in Cabinets
Buss Duct
Car Chargers
Carpet Install
Carpet Repairs
Cat-5 Cat-6
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Repairs
Cement Repairs
Ceilings 2X2, 2X4
Chair Rail
Chimney Clean
Chimney Repairs
Circuit Breaker
Clothes Dryer
Clothes Washer
Concrete Work
CO2 Detector
Crawl Space Issues
Crawl Sp Dehumidifier
Crown Molding
Custom Built Desk
Custom Built Table
Deck Coatings
Deck Repairs
Deck Railings
Driveway Apron
Driveway Coating
Driveways, New
Driveway Repairs
Door Bell / Camera
Door Stopper
Ductless Systems
Exhaust Fans
Electrical Devices
Electric Heat Trace
Electric Car Chargers
Electric Gate Openers
Electric 3-Phase
Elevator Serv.
Energy Reduction
Facility Safety
Fence Work
Fiber Optic
Finished Basement
Fire Extinguisher
Flag, Flag Pole
Floating Floor
French Drain
French Doors
Fume Hood
Garage Door Opener
Garage Door Repairs
Garage Shelving
General Maintenance
GFI Breaker
GFI Receptacle
Handicap Access
Handicap Ramp
Handicap Restroom
Heat Trace
Heat Pump
Heater, Central
Hot Tub
Home Decor
Home Furnishings
Home Office
Home Watch
HVAC Split System
HVAC Replacements
Ice Maker
Industrial Power
Janitor Sink
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Make-Over
Laundry Tub
LED Lights
Light Poles
Lightning Arrester
Lightning Protection
Locks, Lockers
Make-up Air fans
Mechanical Service
Motorized Gates
Natural Gas
Night Lighting
Office Improvers
Oven, free standing
Oven, gas or electric
Patching, Patchwork
Parking Lot Maint.
Photovoltaic System
Play Set, assembly
Pocket Door
Popcorn Ceiling
Property Renewal
Power Issues
Privacy Fence
Quick-Conn Generator
Restroom Dividers
Restroom Dispenser
Restrm Privacy Stalls
Restaurant Fixtures
Restaurant Ventilation
Retaining Walls
Rigging & Hauling
Rooftop Equipment
Rooftop ventilation
Safety Compli.
Security Gates
Screens new
Screen Repair
Signage Serv.
Sheet Metal
Shut-Off Valve
Sink, Vanity
Shower Doors
Solar Sys.
Spray Booth
Spray Painting,
Smoke Detector
Snow Plow Damage
Split-System A/C
Stain Removal
Storage Space
Storm Damages
Surge Suppressor
Stamped Concrete
Supplemental Heat
Tankless W. Heater
Termite Damage
Thru-Wall HVAC
TV set-up
Traffic Signals
Trash Compactor
Tree Work
Underground Power
Utility Pole
Vacuum Sys.
Ventilation Equip.
Ventilator Serv.
Veneer Stone
Water heater
Water Pressure
Water Pump
Wall Displays
Work Place Upgrade
Yard Clean-up.
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Our Property Information Directory for:
Electricians. Installers  (with Electricians).
Constructors. Mechanical.

 3Phase-2Phase *02. Commercial Electrical, issue when 3 phase power is required to run special equipment. 
Three Phase Power for Your Equipment, Two Phase Utility Power Conversion.

 Aerial Electrical Cable *05. Electrical Power Lines running from pole to property. 
Aerial Electrical, High Reach Power Cables for Utility Service.

 Air-Conditioner Installations *06. Special installation work required for adding new air conditioning. 
Through-Wall Air Conditioners, New or Replacements.

Apartment Utility Separations *07. Multi-Tenant Property Issues to separate utility bills for gas and electric.
Apartment utility separations, separate electric bills for multi-tenant properties

 Auditorium Lighting *08. High Reach Lighting Maintenance Services. 
Auditorium Lighting, high reach electrical services for public buildings.

Auto_EV_Charge.Point *09.  Power for Electric Vehicles.
Electric for Car Chargers, Auto Charge Point Certified Installations, Smart EV.

 Backup Power Equipment Sources *10. Essential Electrical for Special Needs
Back-Up Electrical Power Equipment for Your Home, Business and Office.

 Ball Field Poles Lights *11. Special Lighting for Public Sports Fields and Playgrounds
LIGHTING Ball Field, Sports Field, Playground, Poles, LED.

 Barrier Arm Lift Gate *12. Security for Large Parking Lots
Parking Barrier Arm, Lift Gate, auto-secure card reader for drive entrance.

 Big Beam Framing *13. Structural Beams for Construction. Property Changes.
Support Beams and Columns, Structural Framing for Renovations.

 Builder Advisor Consultant *14. Experience and Know-How for Step One Improvements.
Builder and Advisor for Construction, Consultant for Structural Changes and Renovations.

 Built in Carpentry *15. Carpentry by Talented Trades.
Built In Woodwork, Closets, Shelving, Bar, Breakfront, Bedroom, Crown Moldings.

Buss-Duct *16. Industrial Power Distribution.
Industrial Buss Duct, Repairs, Equipment, Installations, Fabrications.

 Commercial Ceilings Construction *17. Contractors for Suspended Ceilings
WE DO Ceilings, commercial, industrial, business, office, showroom, public building.

 Commercial Outdoor Lighting *18. Lighting for Retail Stores and Public Areas.
LED Lighting Selections for Public Safety.

 Community_Lighting *20
Neighborhood Street Lights and Community Lighting, HOA services.

 Control-Panels *21
Electrical Technician for Control Panels, Diagnostics, Repairs and Replacements.

 Converting.to.LED *22
LED Lighting Experts, Repair Service and Economical Conversions for Every Facility.

 Custom_Electrical_Equipment *23
Able Shop Works - Custom Electrical Equipment, Design and Fabrications for any purpose.

 Decks_Patios_Gazebo *24
Decks, Patios, Gazebo and Better Outdoor Living Spaces.

 Diagonstic.Testing *25
Underground Locating Services, Diagnostics Electrical Testing.

 DrivewayHeaters *27
Heated Driveway Snow Melt Systems for Driveway and Walkway.

 Electrical.Equipment.Relocation *28
Equipment Relocations, WE HELP YOU Commercial-Industrial Rigging and Hauling.

 Electric_Door_Gate_Openers *29
Electric Door and Swing-Gate Openers, Automatic Door Openers, Equipment and Service.

 Electric_Gate_openers *30
Electric Gate Openers - Services automated openers, barrier arms, card readers for parking areas.

 Electric_Snow_melting_for_Sidewalks *31
Snow Melting Systems for Concrete Sidewalks and Handicap Ramps.

 Electrically_Heated_Sidewalks *32
Snow Melt - Electrically Heated Sidewalks or Walkways - WE HELP YOU.

 Essential_Electrical_Power *33
Essential Electrical Power for Health and Safety.

 Exhaust_Fans *34
Exhaust Fans, Ventilation Equipment, Mechanical Service for the industrial work place.

 Facility_Safety *35
SAFETY Compliance - Facility Safety Solutions, Latest Equipment, Best Economics.

 Fence_Electrical_Equipment *36
Protection for Electrical Equipment and Transformers, Safety Fence and Bollard Poles.

 Frayed_Cable *37
Frayed Electrical Cable or exposed wires - Sending You Costs for Replacement.

 Fuel_Station_Lighting *38
 Fuel Station Lighting, Electrical and Mechanical - ASK US ABOUT LED Lights and Signs.

 Fuel_Station_Services *39
 Service for Fuel Stations, Damage Repairs, LED Lighting, Service for Signs and Equipment.

 Generators *40
 Generators, Services for Electrical Generators, Standby Generators, Back Up Electrical Power.

 Heat_Trace_Installations *41
 Heat Tracing, Freeze-Free Pipes, Information and Ready for Service.

 HighBayLighting *42
 High Bay LED Lighting, High Ceiling Light Fixtures, Commercial & Industrial - PA, Del., New Jersey.

 Industrial_Power_Consultant *44
 Industrial Power Consultant, Commercial and Industrial Power Experts.

 Industrial_Power_Inverter *45
 Industrial Power Inverter, Commercial and Industrial Power Experts.

 Inspections *46
 Inspections for Safety and Compliance, We are Consultants for Home, Business, Industry.

 LAN *47
 LAN, Local Area Network, ETHERNET - WIFI, Commercial and Industrial LAN Wiring Service and Installations.

 LandscapeLighting *48
 Landscape Lighting for Your Ideas - WE HELP YOU.

 LED *49
 LED Lights for commercial, industrial, public and educational facilities, Retro-fit Conversions.

 Light_Poles *50
 Light Poles, High Reach Electrical Service, LED Area Lighting - Contact us.

 Lighted_Sign_Services *51
 Lighted Sign Services, High Reach Signage, Pylon Sign Repairs by Able Group .net.

 Lighting_Poles_Foundations *52
 Light Pole Foundations, Experts for Lighting, Replacements of Steel and Aluminum Poles.

 Lightning_Protection *53
 Lighting Protection, Experts in Storm Damage Prevention, Special Equipment Here.

 Mechanical_HVAC_Plumbing *54
 Mechanical Services, HVAC, Plumbing, Rooftop Equipment, Sheet Metal.

 Neon_Display_Lights_Signage *55
 Neon Displays, LED Displays, Commercial Signage Experts and Neon Repairs.

 Office_Improvers *56
 Office Improvers, Custom Desks, Counters, Work from Home, Space Upgrades.

 Outdoor.Kitchen *57
 Outdoor Kitchen, Equipment and Service for Outside Cooking.

 Parking.Lot.Lighting.Serv *58
 Parking Lot Lighting Services, Get Action and Information @ Able Group .net.

 Parking_Lot_Equipment *59
 Parking Area Equipment, Motorized Gates, Card Readers, Intercom by Able Group .net.

 Pavers_Patios_Walkways_Lights *60
 Hardscapes, Paver Walls, Patios, Walkways.

 Pipe_Insulation_Installers *61
 Pipe Insulation, Freeze Protection Mechanical installations for Pipe Insulation.

 PoleLighting *62
 Light Poles and LED Lights - Price List for Parking Lot Lighting Services.

 PriceList *63
 Price List for Electrical Installations by Able Group .net.

 Quick_Connect_Generator *64
 Quick Connect Generator, Ready for Portable Generator Power Supply.

 Re-Construction *65. Experts for Major Renovations.
 Re-Construction Assistance

 Able to fix it *03. Repairs and Restoration Workshops.
Reconditioning for Non-Replaceable Items, Parts, Equipment, Collectables or Historical Heirloom.

 Relocate It *04. Mechanical Relocation for Heavy Equipment.  Moving & Hauling from one workplace to another. 
Equipment Relocations, Rigging and Hauling, Construction necessary for Moving.

 Residential_Improve_Repair *66
 Residential Improvements, Repairs, Replacements and Reconditioning.

 Restrooms *67
 Restrooms, Maintenance and Replacements for Business Properties.

 Retaining_Walls *68
 Retaining Walls for Your Landscape, Driveway, Garden and Water Run-Off

 ServiceUpgrade *69
 Upgrade Your Electric Service, Know more about upgrading and adding circuits.

 Shopping_Center_Lighting *70
 Shopping Center Lighting and Maintenance Experts - Economical Solutions for Common Problems.

 Signage_Services *71
 Sign Repair Services, Referral Services for High Reach Signage and Neon.

 Signs *72
 Signs, Banners, Displays, Flags, Posters, Repairs and Installed.

 Snow_Melting_Systems *73
 Snow and Ice Melting Systems for Driveways, Walkways, Canopies, Flat Roof, Handicap Ramp.

 SportsLighting *74
 Sports Lighting, LED, all types of Poles, Foundations, Light Fixtures, high reach lighting services.

 Stone.Veneer.Facade *75
 Stone Veneer, Exterior Facade Make-Over, Laborers for Masonry and Concrete.

 Street_Light_Services *76
 Street Light Repair Service, We Fix It, LED Community Street Lighting PA, NJ, DEL.

 Sump_Pumps *77
 Sump Pumps and Other Water Pumping Systems - just ask us Able Group .net.

 Swaying.Poles.Lighting.Pole.Foundations *78
 Contact us for Swaying or Leaning Poles, Lighting Pole Foundation Renewal.

 Tenant_Fit-Out *79
 Tenant Fit-Out, Renovation Costs, New Tenant Space Ready for You.

 Thru-Wall_High_Reach_Airconditioning *80
 Through the Wall Airconditioners, Replacements and New Installations.

 Transformers *81
 Transformers, Transformer Vaults, Upgrades, Cleaning and Service.

 Underground_Power *82
 Underground Electrical Power, Primary, Secondary, Parking Lot breaks located.

 Utility_Poles *83
 Utility Poles, Install or Replace Privately Owned Utility Poles - Able Group .net.

 Ventilation *84
 Ventilation for Commercial and Industrial Properties.

 Water_Pumping_Systems *85
 Water Pumping Systems, Contact Able Group .net Mechanicals.

 Welding.Blacksmith *86
 Welding, Metal Fabrications, Blacksmith Repairs and Reconditioning.

 Workers.At.Your.Service *87
 Workers At Your Service, Laborers for Home, Business and Commercial Properties.

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