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Support Services offered to Local Trade Contractors

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1.   New Inquires, New Job Leads:
All New Visitors are given plenty of information along with "Best-Guess Costs" for their inquiry.   Our Preliminary Estimates via email set the tone for the next steps. We send this information to Local Contactors in our network upon request.

2.   Trade Workers Referral Support:
We acquire details for our contractors regarding: work permits, engineering, zoning, property lines,  square footages, set-backs, hard to find items, impact on neighboring properties, latest products, etc. We acquire accurate research and send this information to our contractors upon request.

3.   Contractors' Sales Support:
We provide Job Leads to the contractors in our network.  First we discover the customers' ideas and qualifications. Then we provide our contractors with information of similar jobs, including: photos, sketches, diagrams, equipment costs, materials & labor breakdown, etc. We make efforts to sell the job for you upon request.

4.   Contractor Resources:
We offer Networking for Best Case Economics.  Equipment Share with other similar outfits for: special tools, trucks, man power, high reach equipment, temporary jobsite power, etc. Includes finding new wholesale suppliers and service companies having more to offer.

5.   Business Helps / Network Connections:
We offer support for: accounting, payroll, credit, insurance, business cards, printed materials, over-head problems, advertising, etc. Includes contractors' assistance for larger than normal projects. We also acquire estimates from local sub-contractors for making accurate comparisons and working projections.

6.   Jobsite Solutions:
We offer a Service Response for difficult issues of ongoing jobs.  Helpers and Mechanics from our network can be hired to help you out of a jam.  Our growing contractor connections will help you to focus on quality results for your customers.

7.   Consultant for Jersey Shore Workers:
Be a Consultant for Hire.  When deeper information is required beyond the free estimate we arrange for a "Tooled Discovery".  We inform customers of the necessary costs to uncover important details which are not easily visible. Your time is compensated for with preliminary planning and documentation.

8.   Contractors' Advertising  - Specific Topic Marketing:
Market Your Trade Specialty Here.  We bring your particular specialties to the Search-Engines and send the leads to you.  You provide plenty of information about your company and we'll handle it from there.

9.   Fabrication Workshops;  Custom  Metal, Wood, Glass:
We have Local Work Shops on File for You.  We have resources for our contractors to:  make it,  fix it,  recondition it, re-size it, customize the color or tailor make anything to fit.

10.   Contractors' Office:
Let us Create Your Documents.   Our computer files, staff and programs are able to create the most informative and impressive proposal for your potential customers. We offer "Get That Job" proposals and invoicing services for our contractors.

11.   Business-to-Business, Joint Ventures:
We have plenty of experience with joint ventures and alliances for the big jobs and our invitation is open. We handle the pricing of materials, fixtures, equipment and labor by the trade professionals within our network. We also promote Business to Business opportunities with real estate investors.

12.   Trade-Hands Workforce:
Temporary Worker Crews. Access made available to our pool of workers familiar to the construction trades. Licensed and insured Side-Jobs.

13.   Online Estimating:
We offer job costs with an itemized breakdown.  Our email correspondence with new inquires begins with questions, answers, complaints, budget limits, time-tables, problems with started jobs, etc. .We provide a Menu with options and alternatives for the contractors in our network.

Standard Trade Contractors Network Account.
Includes some of the line items listed above. Ask us for more details.
Estimated at: $750.00 per year..
Facility Managers Account:
Includes: Specialized Research with detailed information for your particular facility.  Plus access to trades familiar with your particular needs. Also Available: Urgent Facility Rescue, Same Day Up & Running Services.
Estimated at: $1,150.00 per year.
Handy-Persons & Side Jobbers Account
Includes Fix-It Inquiries sent directly to you.  Also includes year-round support for difficult issues with helpers for bigger Jobs.
Estimated at: $550.00 per year.

All Costs and Arrangements Must be Confirmed by Email

Our Business -to- Business Account:
Terms & Costs to be Determined. Contact Our Online Information Station for Property Trade Contractors and Suppliers. Ask us about a Web Page or Website for Internet Advertising. We offer Property Information for every topic from our Contractors Network. Deeper Research for Improvement Solutions via Our Email Circle - info on jobs, equipment, photos, sub-contractors, pre-work services, help wanted & work wanted. Our Growing Referral Service - Referring your name and number to the incoming callers here at Jersey Shore Workers LLC.

We're the Business Office for Small Contractors.

Give us
the Jobs
You Hate!

25+ Years of acquired "Trade Experience" has enabled us to combine lots of working resources to benefit Every Local Trade Contractor.
25+ Years of acquired "Business Experience" has enabled us to combine more property Information to benefit Every Local Trade Contractor.
It Starts at Our Office with Time Cutter Solutions for our:  Trade Contractors & Property Service Workers.
We offer Property Trade Solutions from our Pre-Screened Laborers.  Hire our "Diamonds in the Rough" for better economics.
Our Contractors Network for the Jersey Shore is always striving for Business to Business improvements with talented associates Like You.  Ask Us About:
Hiring a craftsman, or an artificer handicraftsman, handcrafters, handworkers, handicraftsman, craftsperson, tradesman, crafter maker mechanic, technician, journeyman, trade-smith, master artist, operative craftswoman, builder, carpenter, handicraftswoman, skilled worker, workman tradesperson.  Ask us about creating a Web Page / Website / Internet Advertising: Customized Websites and Web Pages. Secure scheduled services through our network.  We handle Urgent Contractor Trade Service - Emergency Service with a package essentials for your customers. Referral Service - Referring your name and number to the incoming callers.